26 Oct

As I said back at the beginning, the whole purpose of this blog (apart from having somewhere to put my waffling) is to chart my progress on starting my little business. So, here’s what I’ve been up to so far:

  • Writing a business plan – awful, but thank goodness for Mr Squidge, who previously had a business, and could help me out!
  • Setting up this blog
  • Arranging bank appointments
  • Sketching designs
  • Trying to narrow down the designs…
  • Looking at endless fabric websites
  • Trying to figure out who to use as suppliers…

I’m planning on writing more detailed posts on each stage, so more on all of that to come.

There’s so many choices to be made, and I keep waking up in the middle of the night with new ideas and thoughts. In fact, my number one piece of advice would be to keep a notepad near you at all times! I sketched out a hooded cape at 3am a few days ago… Madness.

PS, I’ve not forgotten the scarf pictures, I’ll take some soon!


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